Parquet flooring, Tunbridge Wells

Recently we transformed a narrow, dark hallway with parquet flooring, located in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

The customers wanted to lighten up the area and improve the look.

Before we started work this hallway felt dark, narrow, and in need of repair.

Having spent time with them to look at different wooden flooring options they decided that they loved parquet flooring, especially the effect it would give to make the hallway look lighter and feel more spacious.

The work

We started working on this project on a Monday, sanding the sub floor to ensure a level surface. We then laid a 9mm plywood base over the existing pine boards to create a secure and even subfloor. This enabled us to lay the parquet battens.

After some further discussion with the customers we decided to go for a 2 block border to fully show the full effect of the parquet pattern across the whole area.

We measured our middle line giving us even cuts around the edges and laid all the middle of the floor first gluing and pinning each individual batten.

Next was to cut in the borders and put them in around the whole hallway. Once that was completed the floor was ready to sand to create a smooth and dust free finish ready for the application of 3 coats of hard wearing lacquer.

This was a week-long job and you can see the fantastic transformation in the pictures. The customers were delighted with our work.

I’ve got to say a the quality of work is exceptional. My wife and I are extremely happy with it. Please say thanks to Craig for his work and looking after our home whilst we were away.

Our kitchen maybe next but I will let you know well in advance  laughing

James, Customer, Royal Tunbridge Wells

The customers were delighted with the transformation in their hallway.