Versaille Panels

Intricate patterns for every room

Versailles wood flooring panels are named after the famous Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles) in France. The Versailles pattern is a flooring design classic.

The panels were introduced, for the first time, in 1684 to replace the old marble floor within the palace. The marble floors were replaced for a variety of reasons which included the fact that the marble floors required constant washing which in turn led to the wooden joists beneath rotting.

The Versailles panels design consists of squares that appear to be held together in an interwoven mesh of wood strips, all within a wood frame.

These intricately patterned wooden floors look amazing. They offer a rare style that your neighbours will certainly be jealous of.

Please click on any of the images below to see examples of Bishops laid Versailles floors. Or Contact Us for flooring installation advice or a quote.

supplied, laid and finished Versailles panels
Versailles panels laid in bedroom
Versailles wood flooring panels in bedroom
Shiny polished wood floor Seven Oaks
These smart looking panels make this bedroom something to envy