Strip Flooring

Combining nature and design for every budget

What is Strip Flooring?

Strip is a type of wood flooring characterised by its solid wood pieces laid out in parallel rows. Typically it consists of thin wood planks, usually between ¼” to ¾” thick with widths ranging from 2” to 8”.

Choosing the right type of wood for your room makes all the difference to the overall look, finish and feel of the room.

You can use a wide range of wood types for strip flooring but we believe that the best hardwood floors are made with wood from sustainable forests. Oak flooring, cherry flooring and maple flooring are all good wood choices. Other wood species that work well include walnut, ash, mahogany and even bamboo.

At Bishops we are happy to show you different types of wood and advise you on the perfect flooring for your room.

Please click on any of the images below to see examples of Strip Flooring we have laid or Contact Us for flooring installation advice or a quote.

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